When will pot become legal in the United States?

The answer to that is it will never become legal in the United States, they are saying is even on this very popular Pot Website and the reason why it will never become legal is because the corrupt politicians paid off by the pharmaceutical companies will do everything they can to stand in front of any legislation that will apply to pass the legalization of nationwide marijuana for everyone.

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I myself just like my good friend Thomas Cheng we are not potheads, however we are both in favor of legalizing marijuana, first of all there would be 98,000 less arrests every year in this country, there would also be less illness and six people in this country, people would tend to smoke marijuana that helps your you rather than drink or use other illegal drugs that will kill you in the long run, so I the end of the day pot is that cure of mankind if you think about it.

Read more about this on this Alternative News website that is crammed All of information regarding legalizing marijuana and cannabis, it is also a great read and a very credible resource, that’s why it has 1.5 million readers every single day of the week, I’m sure you’ll find it extremely interesting just like I did when I visited it for the first time yesterday afternoon.