Mainstream websites are about 65% of the web, did you know that?

I do apologize if I have not read that it on this blog, I was sent to jail for assaulting a police officer for a month and therefore inside the walls of county jail there is no Internet connection LOL. People think that I’m kidding, however it’s true, you can check it out there is an article on this Alternative News websites about me, this is the second time that I have gone to prison for beating up a police officer, they claim it could be a record and therefore I should be entitled to a Guinness book of records prize LOL.

alternative news

Even Thomas F Cheng Twitter social media pages talk about me, Thomas is an incredibly popular reviewer just like I am, however from what I understand he has never beaten up any police officers, from what I understand Thomas has never been inside a jail in all his life, and I hope he never does go to jail because I had to stay with my ass against the wall the whole time but to avoid gang rape.

My jail time number seven was also posted on another news website called MOAR. I’m actually honored to know that both of the above websites talk about the fact that I kicked in the face a police officer, I don’t know how they got access to all my arrest records, but they posted every single one of them and detailed every single of so I had on a police officer, they also listed that my total hiding jail have been three years and what I could have done how many websites I could have reviewed if I not beaten up so many police officers.